Queify is a product based company an embedded solution of smart purchase to put an end to the tradition of waiting for hours in the billing queue. It substantially smoothens and eases the otherwise hectic and time taking billing procedure. Queify is an ideal deal in terms of human error deduction, time management efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why us?

Queify has taken it upon itself to maximize the business and pull up the graph of growth with the help of smart technology. It aims to put an end to all the existing problems and to ease the shopping experience of our valued customers. We want to maintain a healthy relationship while providing them a reliable platform.

  • Queify will put an end to long waiting hours and billing queues.
  • Ease the process of navigating your required product
  • Help the customer by self prediction of products according to the customers budget.
  • Discounts would be offered on the basis of loyalty points.
  • Consumer can pay via cash or credit card where not many retail stores offer this option.
  • It’ll also maximize sales with the help of  artificial intelligence , BI and promotions.


Our approach is to generate revenue by attracting customers interested in clothing and accessories. And we plan to do this by letting our customer simply manage his shopping through an app. Since the project broadly covers, Hardware interfacing , Simulation and modeling , AI/BI  and Economics, therefore it provides fastest shopping route that is just a click away

Hardware interfacing

IOT sensors, Mobile app, Web app

Artificial intelligence and Business Intelligence

Trend, regression and predictions

Simulation and modelling

Micro maps, fastest shopping route, inventory turnover

Reduction in human error

Improve time management, efficiency, and incorporation of technology to improve everyday life activities.

Our Vision

We aspire to see Pakistan in the list of fastest growing digital economies around the world. And Queify will be a step to bring our country closer to its destination. Not only do we desire to make shopping experience productive and time efficient for our customers, but we also aim to spread the use of smart technology all over Pakistan. We want to see the digital industry of our country thriving because one way or the other, the future is digital.

Our Mission

Ease of our customers is of crucial importance to us, therefore we want to make the shopping experience relaxing and easy-going by reducing the number of billing queues. Not only do we care about the need of our customers but the retailers can also benefit from this app. Overall, Queify will help boost the economy of Pakistan which is our major goal.

Why Us?

We provide you with easy to use technology for the retail industry, as our app will highlight the most selling items of each and every brand. This way it will be easier for the retailer to manufacture the products in demand and not to waste resources on other products. Not only this, but our app makes it easier for the customer to navigate their favorite items, as everything will be categorized. This will lead to an accurate inventory turnover as the chances of human error are near to zero, since everything is being handled automatically. Lastly the use of smart sensors for smart purchase, self-prediction of products and self-barcode scanning is just what any customer needs to make his shopping experience easy, reliable and fun.

About us

Our main goal is to minimize the need of counters in the commodity world with least number of billing queues. We aim to reduce the cost of business and maximize the profit. Our purpose is to provide a smooth and time efficient shopping experience to our customers. So that we can point our economy in the direction of growth by focusing on improving our market value.

Our Services

Our services include mechanisms that highlight seasonal sales to the customers which further makes the shopping experience convenient. Shopping is no more about long queues and long hours. Shopping is more about time management and efficient dealings. With an aim to establish a new method of billing and check-outs, we provide our services to retail stores, brands, and markets that are willing to give their consumers very consumer-friendly shopping experience.

Our services include the digitization of inventory, application building, and maintenance of the product. Our team of experts shares their brilliance to produce a system that gives easy navigation of products. 

Our services include mechanisms that highlight seasonal sales to the customers, which further makes the shopping experience convenient. Shopping is no more about long queues and long hours. Shopping is more about time management and efficient dealings.

Services we offer

Easy navigation

Smart sensors for smart purchase

Accurate inventory turnover.

Self-barcode scanning for the customers.


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